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Artika Natura's Saltwater Bath.

As the only resort in the Canary Islands, you have an external saltwater floating pool at your disposal.


Discover with us how wonderful it is to float, just like in the Dead Sea with the sun on your face.


One hour floating in our saltwater bath is equivalent to 2 to 3 hours of sleep. It's not just a good feeling, something really happens to you. Your blood flows better, your breathing and your heart rhythm are regulated. This improves oxygen circulation and your body absorbs oxygen more easily.


In our saltwater bath, which has the same warmth as your body temperature, you will completely relax within minutes. And because you are completely weightless and seem to float in a vacuum, the body can relax completely. After just half an hour, your brain no longer knows where your limbs begin and end.


After a floating session and a shower, it is wonderful to take a seat in one of our infrared saunas.

The infrared rays stimulate the metabolism and increase the blood flow to the body, muscles and organs, so that oxygen and nutrients are better absorbed by the muscles.


If you want to relax in a different way, it is also possible to step into one of our Jacuzzis to watch the sun go down while bubbling.


In short, we guarantee a relaxing holiday.


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