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Naturist Holiday Destination

Naturist Destination:

Spending your holidays in your own bungalow is a special treat.


It gives you freedom. You sleep in, have breakfast naked, sit on a towel on the terrace of the bistro overlooking the pool and pool bar, take a shower and after coffee, relax by the pool on one of the many sunbeds.


Almost like being at home... Our comfortable bungalows are tastefully furnished with an eye for detail.


Our bungalows as sunny gems that fit exactly to your thought, we are not only a holiday destination during the winter, also in the summer months a top destination for naturists.


Previous visitors are also very enthusiastic!


Gran Canaria, you are so there!

Naked holidays, are you also longing for a sunny holiday?


Warm weather, delicious food, lazy days on the beach, a splash in the pool, enjoying each other's company, or easily meeting friends at this wonderful destination .... it's great!


Did you know that for the most beautiful destinations, you don't even need to fly very long?

From almost any regional airport, you can be on this sunny island called Gran Canaria in just a few hours.


Book your autumn or winter holidays now

Do you know what would make you really happy?

The prospect of a nice holiday. Ideally, we'd all like to pack our bags and head off to a country where long trousers and thick jumpers are superfluous.


What we can do now is get inspired and dream about our next destination.


Because holidays make us happier.... Look ahead to autumn or winter and book your sunshine holiday now.


Don't forget, full = full