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Whale Dolfin Watching

The Canary Islands are known as an island group with a climate called eternal spring. But if you want to do something different for a day, it is wonderful to go on the water. In Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogan there are many excursions to book. Including different types of excursions to spot whales and/or dolphins.


It is a very nice experience to see these animals in their free natural environment, and you will experience this unique experience as something very special.


There are many excursions available, from catamaran or glass boats to yachts in different price categories.


But almost all of them guarantee a free ticket for the next time, if you did not see any dolphins or whales during the trip.


There are many day trips on the internet, but we are happy to help you find the right one for you.


Be adventurous on your holiday.


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